Friday, March 30, 2007


The United Nations top human rights body passed a resolution on friday denouncing the defemation of religion, and stressing that press freedom has its limits, an apparent reference to the publication of prophet Muhammad { peace be upon him & his family} offensive Cartoon. Bravo. The society urges Muslims Nations & non allience loving nations to form news organisation, apart from the present United Nations that are under the controlled of the Imperialist united states of america & zionist Israeli plus EU whose aims to reduce muslims by murdering them in greet numbers in the name terror cover. the new orgs head quarters shuld be out of America, or eu countries. then see how things works. form your relief Agencies, leave UN to U.S. &. Israel including EU. Bravo. Another notorious murderer leader who terrorised palestinians for many years died & he was buried quitely. his country dont want to anounce his death, nothing is secret now days. the other one was shot by his own country man, that because he wants to make peace with palestians late, leader. bravo.


King Abdullah of saudi arabia told Arab Leaders on Wednesday that American occupation of Iraq was ILLEGAL and warned that unless Arab governments settled their differences forign powers like United States of America would Continue to dictate the regions politics. BBC NEWS- Bravo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The question the society Parents want to know, the secret behind the Immunization by Local Community Coastal Health to our Childrens at School all this years? & from where they get students Personal health hitory, which they published publicly in the Coastal Health forms including students health card Number, the childs age, Immunizations History of the students. this info, the the school board did asked Parents on the registration of their childrens to be enrolled into the school. anything to do with the health of Parents & their Childrens are only through Family Doctors, & the medical records remains confidential in between the Family Doctors & the hospital. The Family doctors are one can give Immunization to their clients, refferals to the hospitals. also the Family Doctors do Advise their clients not to allow their childrens to be seen or examine by s/Cologist. they are not doctors.the local community health unit did violates the citizens privacy rights by obtaining & publishing the students personal info, on top of that they also give citizens personal info verious ministries, like ministry for childrens/ the local police, the income tax also do have the citizens personal info, the housing co operation, ETC. therefore we parents is asking both the Federal & provicial Authority to investigate, look into this violation of citizens privasy/ Personal health records shared by verious departments in which is against the law. bravo.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Mawlid Celebration- 2007. will take place on sundaday 1st. at zawiyah Masjid/Mosque. Adress 1330. E.66 Ave. off Crompton. opposite. Sikh Tample. E/S/ Marine drive. West. Nasiha by Imam Fuad Drame & Maulanas Across Canada, uk, US, Middle east. all Muslims Ummah in BC are Invited. Qasida & salawat on our beloved Prophet Muhamad {Salalahu Aleihi Wasalam} Dinner &. Refreshment will be serve. the Program will start 6pm & will Continue until Fajr time in the morning. 2.Another Program also will start earlier. of Milad-un-nabi {saw} March Organised by Br. Jamal Roshanali, the Founder of Muslim Alliance in canada. Alhamndulilahi Canadian Muslim Alliance has organised a March to Celebrate the Birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad {SAW} as per the program given below. OBJECTIVE: to spread the message of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad {SAW} to mankind. Distinguished Muslim Scholars will deliver speeches. INVITATION: Muslims brothers, & sisters and children are cordially invited to come join the march {walk} to demostrate the muslim solidarity. Sunday-April 01,2007. 2:00 pm to 6pm from all will prceed to Zawiyah Masjid/Mosque {SUNNI MUSLIMS} the march will be in surrey. 130th Street, &84th Ave, surrey, { opposite Fiji Islamic Center} Please Obseve the Islamic dress code. {NON MUSLIMS ARE WELCOME IN BOTH Programs. see you on sunday. the espected Attendese up to 100,000 People. Masalam. this celebration is every year worldwide.


Re Good Morning Jeddah & Special Greetings From Vancouver Western Canada. your website is Added in here, in the International Arena. From Mr.&.Mrs.Mariam Alemi Amunye Junior,&.Family. in Vancouver, Western Canada. March.27-2007. Masalam.


We request both Parents of Muslims and non Muslims to work hard, & Closely with the Schools, Community Centres For the Features of our youth for tommorrow. show them the right path. stay away from all forms of crime, drugs, teach them the family value. the Culture. ETC. take the family to the Msjid/Mosque, read more. read whats lango saying go to their website: we are free publishing on both sides for researchers. Bravo.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Re Watch and read how shiite militia Infiltrated in Iraq police, & internal security Imtelligence services murdering sunni Iraqis in revenge read more. secondly, Mr. Jamal Roshanali on friday pray together with me at zawiyah Masjid, & he told me that, his wife Faridahs right eye sight was operated. I did pay a vist to his house to his wife. we wish her a quick recovery. again Mr. Jamals Other story can be found with Uganda Forum Website. I will meet him today at Zawiyah Msjad. for Family dars at.6pm the speaker will be Imam Fuad Drame. and refreshments & dinner will be served Free. see you all there. Adress. 1330 E.66. Ave.Off Crompton St. E/S/ Marine drive. opposite sickh tample. west. one block under night bridge on the left. pass quiznos sub, the second building on the left is the one. second floor. alot parkings. Bravo.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


This in memory of our beloved father, nyokaa kubaa yaa Africa. he died August. 15-2003 & burried Augast.16-2003. in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. { Born. January.1-1925. at. kiwuliriza Suburb in Kampala on Eid day Celebration. thats why grand Father gave him the Name of Idi. May almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace AAmin. This note is for my younger brother, Jaffar Amin Dada. {Remo} I did watched the interview you did with CNN it was wonderful. CNN did Added it with the so called Documentary film video of the last king of scotland. in which most of their stories are bias against our Father The two Media both CNN & the BBC. all wrote bias stories & False towards our Dad Al- Haji Idi Amin Dada now it is our duty to let the world to know real picture story about our Father. I am proud of you, how is the twins doing? plus the others two & their mom. Pass our sicere greetings to all over there. we are all fine at this end. Bravo.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


SOURCE: IN AMAN JORDAN. March.21-2007. The Family of former Iraqi vice President. Taha Yasin Ramadan, who was ILLEGALY Executed by Kangaroo so called trbunal court. created under bush Administration, & American Invading forces. {hanged Tuesday} is recieving Condolences in the Jordanian Capital, Aman. Hundreds of Jordanians and Iraqis were Wednesday seen visiting the home of Ramadans Daughter, Zeinab in the affluant distrct of al-Rabiyeh. where she opened her house for Condolences. Ramadan was hanged in Iraq Tuesday after a kangaroo so called Tribunal court created under American occupation forces, alleged him guilty of participation in death of 148 people in the shiite town of dujail following a failed assasination attempt against former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein in 1982, Saddam was ILLEGALY executed in december for the same reason, Saddams eldest Daughter, Raghad, was among those who visited Zeinab Ramadans home to pay her respects. the ex. vice president became the fourth former Iraqi Officials to be put to death in cold blood. for the dujail case in addition to Saddam Husseins half brother who headed the Intelligence services. Barzani al-Tikriti, and the former chief of the revolutionary court, Awad Al-Banda. were hanged in january. many family members of former Iraqi Officials are urged by the society to file the charge against those pupets of the America who acted ILLEGALY to Hanged the head of state, President Saddam Hussein as well his officials. The. Accused No. 1. is Goerge W.Bush Junior. who sign executive order of sending American soldiers to Ivade a sofereign Cuntry Iraq without the Authorisation of the united Nations Security Council, it is against International Law. Thats A crimes Afainst Humanty. Accused No. 2. The prime minister of Britain, Tonny Blair. The Accused No.3 is the prime miister of Australia. ETC {Alies}. Forward your cases to International Criminal Court. the families to check up with school activities from time to time concerning unusual books being tot with the kids it violate our religious beliefs. read more. This includes the community centres, Bravo. some of the police are in those groups they threatened the childrens in schools & community Centres. to mislead the kids of their malpractice {sin} We urge Family members worldwide to fight this Immoral behaviour. shameful act.


Africa is poor because she is not free. Reformming Africa. Intelectual reform Political reform Economic reform Instititutional reform. The Solution ending Inane wars combating Corruption. Bravo.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Vice President Al-Gore and Chairman Gordon Speak before hearing {Washington, DC} House Committee on science and Tecnology Chairman Bart Coleogue for former vice president Al-Gore to a joint meeting of the science and Technology. Committee Subcommittee on energy and Environment and the energy and sciences subcommitte on energy and air Quality. secondly we the society are Endorsing algore for President in 2008 algore register now for Presidential Candidates. you are the only one will bring Americas Image & Morals among the International Community. the present govt. Administration under George W. Bush Created enemity among Us & wirld Community. Algore Worked as vice president in 8 years he was Exp. he a general in the armed forces, he knows the dificulties the army faces, he was a congressman ETC. he won elections in 2000 but was twisted. hilary clinton will represent america in the united nations, & buraka obama are to be apointed as secretary of states, Colin Powell to be algores vice President, the former secretary of defence under clinton Administration to go back to his post again. the rest algore to select them. Bravo. from Vancouver Western Canada.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


About the cout. The International Criminal Court {ICC} is an independent, permanent court that tries persons accuswd of the most serious crimes of International concern. namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the ICC is based on a treaty, joined by 104 countries. the ICC is a court of last resort it will not act if a case is investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the national proceedings are not geniune, for example if formal proceedings were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility. in additionthe ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes, in all of its activities, the ICC observes the highest standards of fairness and due process. the jurisdiction and functioning of the ICC are governed by R/statute. under United Nations International Law. Act. United Nations Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court. Following the Adoption of the R/statutes. the United Nations convened the Preparatory Commission reached consensus on the Rules of procedure and evidence and the elements of the crimes. these two texts were subsquently adopted by the assembly of states parties together with the R/statutes and the regulations of the court adopted by the judges, they comprise the courts basic legal texts. setting and its structure jurisdiction and functions. this is the legitimate court to try the cases, like crime against humanity. but not kangaroo court created under the occupation forces & ILLEGALY sentence The head of state. & fives others to death & all hanged unlawfully. thats why Goerge W. Bush junior & tony Blair plus Austrelian Prime miniter to prosecuted for the crime against humanity. for millions of Iraqi citizens men& women, Childrens including Afghanistanis, Pakistanis killed by Americans bombs & their Alies, women raped, their wealth are stolen by Americans Invading forces, the torture of the detainees, in both Guwentanamo bay & Abu graib, Also the world witness today the body of Iraqi vice president under president Saddam Hussein hanged unlawfully, by The so called Iraqi govt created under George W. Bush junior who sign the executive order of sending American Soldiers to Invede the country Iraq who is not fighting with US. the United Nations did not Authorised the war George W. Bush junior ordered it against International Law. the society requests the Daughter of Saddam Hussein M/S RANA to file the case in International Criminal Court against George W. Bush junior & his Alies to Answer for the death of her Father, & her two brothers also for the death of Millions Iraqi Citizens murdered by Americans Inveding Firces. Also The Families of other five hanged. let those lawters for those deseased present the doccuments they have to ICC. htt:// Bravo.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Former Iraqi Vice President Taha Ramadan Was hanged at down Tuesday. according to so call Iraqi government official quoted by the Associated press Ramadan was Saddam Huseins vice president when the regime was ousted ILLEGALY by the American Invading forces in 2003 without the the authorisation of the united nation security forces. any govt. formed under occupation is ILLEGAL & void ILLIEGIMATE Under International Law. The trbunal court created under that systeem in void. & is unlawful, only ICC has madate to try war criminals against humanity. therefore all those detained under occupation force are unlawful the are subject to released with Immediate effect. Saddam Hussein & all his ministers sentence to death & hanged is ILLEGAL. Therefore the International Community, as well the United Nations security council to take action & prosecute all those involve in Iraq of hanging the heed of state who acted on criminals that was found with ILLEGAL Arms they also Attempted to Assasinate President Saddam Hussein. Billions of people around world demonstrated the in Iraq. The American President & the prme minister of Britain plus their allies are to be tryied this crime against humanity. Accused No.1. is George W. Bush Junior. Accused No.2. is Tonny Bair. Accused No.3 The Australian Prime minister ETC. Millions were killed in Iraq by American bombs. Guns, Iraqi womens raped, Iraqi wealth Looted The same hanning in Afghanistan Pakistan, the on the other hand murdering Palestinians in their land in cold blood. now is this the justice & democracy the bush Administration is talking about? {A] the world peace loving nations should sanction America & all those behind America. do allow their goods, Their planes, shut down their Embassies, until George W. bush is remove from the office with Immediate Effect. their own Congress & the house are playing tactical game by saying & that they can not take action of Impeaching Bush, therefore the world is act. then they know that nations means business. Bravo.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The contrasting experience of eastern Asia, China, and India suggest that the secret of poverty reducing growth lies in creating bussines opportunities for domestic investers, including the poor, through institutional innovations that are tailared to local politicall and institutional realities Ignoring these realities carries the risk that pro-poor policies, even when they are part of apparently sound and well intentioned IMF and world bank programs will be captured by local elites... The depest challenge for countries in the poorest parts of the world. especially Africa is both by civil war and conflict, religious & tribal defferences. political upheaval, and by rapacious leaders who have plondered the natural wealth of their nations, corrupt rulers and, their weak regimes have arguably been the single most important drag on Africa development. But with increasing democratization, the situation may be starting to maybe improving, not known yet. and rich countries can play a large role in the reform process. for the simple reason that corruption has two sides-demand and supply, every leader who demands a bribes, there is usually a multinational company or western official offering to pay it. for every pile of illicit wealth, there is usually a Europian or American financial institution providing a safe heaven for the spoils. the governments of the wealthy countries need to take steps to for these activities. this to kawempe north mp. hon. Latif Sebaggala. I suport your of launching fundraising for our late Mzee baaba, Al-Haji Idi Amins Families. create a website & open an account with code name you wrote rescue Amins Family. include the form for contribution so that, people will be able to send their contrbution direct to the account you created. & then sent the website via the newvision newspaper in order for us to Add into our website that reached millions of Ugandans as well friends worldwide. From Mr. Alemi Amunye jinior & Family in Vancouver western canada.


Thank you notes: Member of arua rotary club and Hospital Staffs recieve the equipment. Arua hospital has recieved its first automated machine. The machine will improve the eficiency and quality of theatre operations and surgical treatment. said Andema the medical superintendant. The machine that cost ten thousand US dollars {about. sh.17.5m} was among the medical equipment that hospital recieve through from rotary club of new westminster in B.C. Vancouver Western Canada. in conjunction with the rotary club of arua west nile Uganda. we Ugandans-Community as well canadian citizens are grateful for the donation from canada to one of the hospital in our homeland Uganda. we continue to appeal to many world communities to keep the good huniterian help to all hostital & water sanitation in Uganda provinces, school mterials, not only uganda but wherever assistence in demands. Bravo.


Re. Call Uganda Online Calling Card. 13. cents a min Fro US & Canada. &. 7.7 p in UK. the info from suport team in Uganda via Email. Bravo.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


In 2015, the millennium Development Goals {MDGs } will be Evaluated according to Countries performance Where does Uganda stand? Health through immunisation for all, and universal primary and secondary education are on course. what about access to clean water for all? in koboko, a Jercan of water are sold at sh.1,000.00 as well arua, yumbe, & Moyo, Adjumani. most of the in those arears do not have Job, no money to buy water, Again the most donors are diverted to western Uganda. nothing is mention about the Afected areas I mentioned Above. The OIC to speed up assistance to Fellow muslims in non muslims Governments. where the head of states are Christian plu dominated majority cabinet are Christians, they careless about muslims, the jobs are given to muslims graduates, ETC. BRAVO.


Re. Corection of Taiba University. Bravo

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jeddah, 14 march-2007. Taiba University in Madinah has announced it is inviting applicants from across the world to take advantage of its electronic recruitment services for academic job vacancies. Professor Mansoor Al-Mozha, President of Taiba University said. This is one of the many electronic services that Taiba University offers, to its Website: visitors. Job applicants can now access application forms from Taiba University Website: Bravo. Enjoy it. good night from Vancouver Western Canada. March. 14-2007.


The hon Minister of stae for finance of the Republic of Uganda Omwony Ojok visited the organisation of Islamic Conference Headquarters on Feb. 26th-2007. in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Mr. Tori Limangana said, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, recieved in his office on Feb. 26th-2007. The Hon. Minister of state for finance of the republic of Uganda Omwony Ojok was Accompanied by other senior officials from Uganda. Bravo again there is no canadian Journalist in Mukono C/University. the person who wrote about the film did hides his ID. becuase all his stories are false. do not mislead people. no Amins Families were Interviewed by whitacker his director. you are fulling yourself. people are smart enough.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Arabic and english students have reasons to smile after the world Islamic society network donated 22,000 textbooks to schools in Uganda the total of 80 schools will benetit on the textbooks. Country Director Sheik Shaban Abduljawad explained: Many Ugandan graduates have missed well paying international jobs in Islamic organisations Simply because they cannot read or write Arabic, This donation is meant to improve on the language in Schools including non-muslim Schools. Abduljawad was on friday handing over the donation to the Chairman of the Uganda Muslim Associetion, Asadu Latele In Kibuli Campus. Kampala. he called for transparence in the distributions of the textbooks. A total of 80 Schools will benefit. lets hope the supply reached as far as rural areas, in the places like Arua, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo, Adjumani, & all Uganda in General. Abduljawad also commended President Yoweri Museveni for initiating poverty alleviation projects and asked Muslims to use them to remain united and fight poverty. 2. Moneygram has donated 2,500 exercise books to kampala school for the Physically Handicapped. Prime Forex Bereaus Manager, Badru Musunguzi, handed over the books to the Schools Director, Joy Mwesigwa in mengo, kampala. The primary Schools caters for 100 pupils between six and 18 years. We understand the need for education for every child. sometimes schoolastic materials like exercise books are not affordable by some pupils it is for this reason that Moneygram has come out to offer a helping hand Musinguzi said. Prime forex Bereau is an agent of moneygram, a provider of International money trnsfer services. Mwesigwa thanked Moneygrm for the donation and hoped that other good samaritans follow suits Musinguzi said they give back to the Community from the little profit they make. we Ugandans Community in vancouver western canada Apreciated the donation From both Islamic society International network as well Moneygram in kampala. the Volnurable childrens in Uganda. we also Apeals to the Water can International to suppy humaniterian Water sanitation to the fecing water shortage due to drought dry season, the Afected Areas are in west nile Arua, Koboko, yumbe, and madi area, moyo, Adjumani as well northern province. we will appreciate Immediate Attention into this Matter. your website: Bravo.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Over 150 Students from the Islamic University in Uganda {IUIU} from kampala campus, cleaned trenches and roads at kisasa LC Zone, Lubuga Parish in Kibuli. Bravo.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Re Islamic relief Agency, Charities, International Muslims youth org. Muslims Students Association worldwide. secondly, Jackson Opwonya Wrote. Amin film is but cheap melodrame. I watched the so called Last king of scotland based on the life and times of former Ugandan President Idi Amin. In the fisrt place, Amin was a very Proud Ugandan There is no Way The real Amin, who named himself the conqueror of the british Empire, could remove his ceremonial army Jacket, offer it to muzungu {medals and all} in exchange for an old T.shirt and work off shirtless. the Conference Centre was not designed by Amin. The Centre was the brainchild of the Obote 1 Government and was meant to host the OAU Summit early 1971 by the time Amin took over government on January. 25-1971 Construction. of the Centre was already in advanced stages. Idi Amin was never emitional in public, if anything, the Amin the public knew was a gentle and almost shy. character. Remember the nick name the gentle giant? the whole film was more of a cheap melodrama than a serious attempt to portray a former head of state, Ugandans be smart enough to understand that what passes for the western worlds Oscar may not necessarily be the best thing for us. wrote. Jackson Opwonya. in Kampala Uganda. this is familiar. Bravo.



Every day that the Democrates dont move to end the war in Iraq & Palestinians Israeli Conflict, is another day in which that war, Streching ever on, can become the Democrates war. only if they come to believe that the wars unpopularity will work against them in the voting booths in 2008 or thereafter will, they be strongly motivated to take the sorts of actions that might actually bring it to an end, says David Swanson. Bravo.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


On behalf of people in arua & west nile in general, west nile are in need of urgent water of drink also people runs shortaged barthing tap dry, no water suply stop this due to hot hit sun shine. the province is dry causing death, especialy childrens and elders needs urgent bottle drinking water, even people can cook due dried water in the river. I hapen to talk to my uncle yesterday on phone, he told me he was admmitted in the hospital & now discharge becuase of water shortage, not only him, many patience were also discharged. we appeal to united nations as well world communitirs to respond Immediately, with food stuffs, water, medicines, extra doctors. before many people could die. this is urgent request, To UNHCR, UNDP, RED CRESENT, RED CROSS & others many charities org to respond. clothes, financial assistence, ETC. UN to lead. your urgent respond to this matter will be apreciated. Ugandan- Community In Vancouver Western Canada. Mr.&. Mrs. Mariam Alemi Amunye Junior & Family. reached to baaba Amule Amin in arua he was the one who gave me this info, & he was discharged from the hospital due the water shortage. international journalist as well national will get more from him.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


L. Farrakhan, the departing leadr of the nation of islam gave what was billed as his last major public address here on sunday, with his extended illness throwing in sharp focus the question of whether the group will shift toward more mainstream Islamic teachings to survive once it loses its central charismatic figure. again Jamal and his wife faridah yesterday join me in Jumua Congregation Prayer At Zawiyah Masjid/Mosque & Islamic centre. Imam Fuad Drame led the prayer respectively. Jamal use to play Football, Tennis, Golf. & Creckets with my Father Mzee Al-Hajji Idi Amin Dada Alemi, since 1962 up to 1979 april. then he left uganda Immigrated to canada with his family. due to political upheaval in uganda. I mean the changes. Bravo.


The University in Koboko are given the name St. Charles Lwanga University in west nile. by former president of the republic of Uganda. Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi. click & view the photos of the compounds. the list names includes Emails so I respect their privacy, but still you can visit bravo. yesterday I prayed Jumua Congregation together with Jamal Rosanali who use to play golf & cricate with my father, Nyokaa kuba yaa Africa dada.