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Re Uganda today news network, and Discussion Forum. Enjoy it From Ugandans-Community in Vancouver Western Canada. April.27-2007.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


An -in depth poll of four major Muslims countries has found that in all of them large majorities believe that undermining Islam is a key goal of US foreign policy. Most wants U.S military forces out of the middle east and Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, as well all African continent. read more. Bravo.


Monday, April 23, 2007


The Government has introduced universal free primary and secondary education, which is good thing. But what you find on the streets of arua, & koboko, as well yumbe. Nyadri West Nile is most dis hearting. Many School age Children are roaming about places of public entertainment like night discos and video. halls. if we do not educate these kids how can this country move forward? Let us give our childrens the best possible education. Stop child labour, prevent those bellow 18 years from attending public video. shows and night clubs discos. wrote. Martin Ajobe in Arua. West Nile. Bravo


Saturday, April 21, 2007


One can say anything about the save Mabina Crusades April-12-2007 demonstration what is not in dispute is that it was very sucessful Effectiveness of any demonstration is discernable from the responses it elicits and the lessons learnt. First the demonstration was organized by civil society. The National Association of professional Environmental lists, NAPE Not by politicians who would be accused of partnership this is why everybody came including a 73 year old grandmother who insisted on carrying placard praising former President Idi Amin. Business gave full backing to NAPE, and one of business bodies, Kampala City Traders Association (Kacita) declared a shut down. This is significant civil society can finally mobilise the nation. For a time, the regime has tried to drive a wedge between business and politicians who hold demonstrations. This time business disrupted it's own business for a cause supported by all except the President of the Republic and an MP from Ruhama who asked on Tuesday in parliament whats wrong ha Mehta done? Second the demonstration ensured that nobody will ever again underestimated the effect of unemployment on security. The Majority of the stone throwing youths who almost derailed the demonstration are unemployed youths born under President Yoweri Musevenis long reign. 1 was in court when those arrested in the aftermath of the demonstration appeared 95% were born after 1986. Third the arrest of two MPs, more tear gas the water cannons against innocent people and their opposition leaders the rumoured disagreement within the rulling clique and the director of Public prosecutions leading to a historic past 5:00pm court session that ensured the accused spent another night in jail exposed a deeply divided regime. The Irrational acts of the police detaining and humiliating legislators who had voluntarily reported to record statements betrayed the police forces disregard for decent behaviour. The regimes attempt to violently block a press conference by opposition leaders helped even the sceptics understand that the regime is afraid of even its own shadows no secure regime would find a press conference a threatening act. Fourth the demonstration adn it's aftermath showed that there are some Ugandans who want to benefit from mayhem. There are those that want the government to look represive-which is good for asylum applications abroad. There are others who want to present the opposition as irresponsible ad unable to rule the country it is either or both of these who infiltrated the otherwise peaceful demonstration and snatched the headlines from Mabira which was very desirable to the regime no doubt for the Mabira give-away is the most despicable action ever contemplated by a sitting regime since independence. This is only nearly comparable to the scandalous gift sale of Uganda Commercial Bank Both these actions have been done under the hand of one man. Ugandas only visionary the country's beacon and a rare breed of African leader for whose long life we pray what would Uganda do without him? Fifth. Three political parties were affected . The Democratic Party {DP} had Mukasa Mbidde. JEMMA.had kacitas Issa SSekito and MP Hussein Kyanjo. the forum for Democratic change had Hon. Betty Atim Anywar. Yet no Single party slogan was heard throughout the ordeal on Tuesday at the courts. one would notice that finally Uganda had taken over in precedence to petty party politics. middle stood against kyanjo in makindye west in 2006. This day they were in the same dock on the same side, you could tell. that the search for a new. pro-Uganda slogan to push the nation through the trasition wes on At the courts, Dr. Kizza Besigye was there Scraching his face the water police had sprayed him itched really bad, he said And Abed Bwanika, nearly dehydrated. And JEEMAS Kibinge Mayanja in a torn coat, thanks to the countrys loyal police that had wreched him earlier in the day. And DP leader SSebaana kizito in a dripping (wet) suit thanks again to free anti riot pepper water available to the police all united in disbelief. The Group of six opposittion parties (G6) is being reborn. Firth, the Interahamwe last seen in Rwanda is here on Tuesday a brand new militia of young men all of President Musevenis era carrying identical big sticks were introduced on the scene. They beat people on the streets wantonly as police and the military watched in glee. They were under a command. This week they carried sticks next week they could carry guns unless the nation unites to stio this doom is here. the source in kampala wrote. Bravo.


Monday, April 16, 2007


May god bless the beautiful soul of Columnist Timothy Kalyegira. I was touched by his article which describe how Mulago Hospital was home to every patients. until that fateful day, April 11-1979 every Ugandan was assured of treatment then, it is not like that any more. Mulagos state is a very good Indicator of the health of Uganda. Mulago is critically sck and so is Uganda. Idi Amin Wisdom can be seen now. Wrote. Jenniffer Medias Biribwamugumu. in new york. Now concerning the incidents which happens during the demonstration about Mabira Forest sold out to Foreign Asians { Mehta} by Individuals in the government. in which resulted into an warranted terrible deaths of two, one Asian,& another Ugandan. the Asian by name, late, Devang Jawal, 25 years of age who was killed by an angry demonstrators, last thursday. and the second person was a Ugandan shot killed by Uganda security forces the same day. the deceased was the resident of luwero village. Ugandans as well the International Communities needs an Answer to these an warranted deaths of both Foreign Asian & the Ugandan citizen. the Uganda government is held responsible, because the root cause of all these caused by the high ranking groups of Inividuals by trading to sell Uganda public land soil to foreign Asians ILLEGALLY. in which is against the will of majority Ugandans. We request the Independent International Invetigators to take over the Investigations into all the the cases related to Uganda properties, lands, Hotels like formerly International Hotel sold by high ranking Individuals still in the government to Foreigners. thirdly, we Ugandans-Community in Vancouver Western Canada. Appeals to Fellow Ugandans Brothers & Sisters back home to be law abiding citizens, hold peaceful demonstrations. this note. to both Families of those killed pse Except our sincere Sorrow, sympathy Condolence. may almighty god rest their soul in eternal peace. lastly, the Government is responsible, & to Compensate both the Families of both deseased. every one have your say Bravo.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I write in support of Columnist Timothy Kalyegira and also volinteer to help him in the the payment of $600 if John Nagenda can produce names of just 600 victims of Idi Amin as noted in his article where are Nagenda's 600 Victims of Idi Amin? Daily monitor April 7. Uganda is a religious country Uganda a country with strong cultural traditions which across all the tribes emphasise intergrity honesty sincerity and humility. The past 20 years of the NRM regime have been years of corruption lies dishonesty and arrogence which are variance wioth our national aspirations. It is time to isolate the wolves and to reclaim our values as a country. I believe Timothy is right Apart from the Amin issue, we are yet to get the true relults of the 1980 elections which according to the NRM were rigged we are still to get the list of the NEM casualties in the Luwero bush war. The country still needs to know who was responsible for the massacre in the Luwero Triangle. The country equally needs to know who has been responsible for the gruesome massacres in the North and North east of Uganda Since NRM came into power and also the Massacre of Muslims start in Mbarara, Masaka, Mpigi, Kampala, Mubende, Kisenyim, Fort Portal, Hoima, Masindi, Gulu, Arua, Lira, Soroti, Moroto, Mbale, Tororo, Igangai, Jinja, Entebbe. Bravo.



Sunday, April 08, 2007


Fellow Ugandans Brother and Sisters do Connect and get intouch with the rest of fellow Ugandans around the world as well back home, through the Internet Ugandans Websites. Bravo. Enjoy it.

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President Idi Amin of Uganda has in a dramatically short time given marching orders to Israelis the british and the Asians. He has also taken uncompromising steps to rid Ugandas Streets of armed robbers and prostitutes and has campaigned against what he calls phoney missionaries. The contraversial soldier-president has been criticised by the foreign press for jeorpadising the economy and of being intolerant of christians warship. In an exclusive interview DRUM put these allegations before President Amin. DRUM Overseas newspapers have been Carrying stories about people disappearing in Uganda without trace. Amin we people in Ugandado not depend on the sensational stories put out by overseas newspapers and even BBC. Some of these people alleged to have disappeared are staying in the neighbouring countries. They were not chased away from Uganda, but they decided to run away on their own where there have been genuine cases of people disappearing-like the case of the two Americans-we have not hesitated to appoint an inquiry DRUM. Can you say that there has been a drop in crime in Uganda since you came to power? Amin Definitely yes kondoism has died since I ordered the army to shoot robbers on sight. DRUM Mr. President can you explain the reasons which led you to embarked on what you have described as the economic war? Amin. We embarked on economic war because Asians were milking Uganda's economy. (some were engaged in economic sabotage while others were taking their money out (of) the country no responsibly government can allow this state of affairs to continue DRUM. What evidence has your government got that the Asians were sabotaging the economy? Amin my government is a governemtn of action we have eyes and we can see things. Some Asians have been caught red handed trying to take Uganda money outside the country. In one instence police raided Ismaili Mosque in kampala and found nearly two million Uganda Shillings in currency notes packed in biscuits tins. Thse so called biscuits were due to be exported to Britain. Is this not sabotage? Asians in Uganda have been sending their money to relatives and their friends in the neighboring African countries we can't tolerate a situation in which out economy is being milked by foreigners. DRUM What progress has Uganda made in winning the economic war? Amin we have made a lot of progress Shops vacated by departing Asians are being allocated to Ugandans. The banks are ready with money to give to those Africans traders who apply for overdrafts. There are so many African Countries ready to help Ugnanda with Personnel to replace the non-Ugandans who have left. DRUM Can you say something about your relationships with Great Britain Amin. The British are my best friends but they are annoyed because I have kicked out the British Asians. They can say what they like i have no time for Imperialists. They have decided to cut off finacial and technical aid to Uganda but we do not worry. There are so many coutries ready to help us. The British are very much annoyed with us now because they are spending between 7 million and 8 million a year in feeding the British Asians refugees in caps all over europe. If the British want friendship we are prepared to remain friends but the steps I have taken to hand over the economy of Uganda to Ugandans are here to stay we have to win the economic war. DRUM. Is there freedom of worship in Uganda? If so why are you being accused of perscuting Christians? Amin. In Uganda there is complete freedom of worship and every one can follow watever religion he or she choosen. My quarels with christian bishops is that some of the white missionaries in the country are not missionaries in the real sense. They are mercenaries some are spies. I feel that the security of the people of Uganda is my paramount task some of these so-called missionaries do not even know the bible you will undersatnd therefore, why I have not been disposed towards such missionaries because when trouble starts it is the people of Uganda who will suffer. DRUM. You frequently condemn some women why? Amin because some women are sent to Uganda to spy for foreigners. This must stop on the miniskirt dress as far as I can see they are some women and that spolis the Image of Uganda. I have already banned the miniskirt and other transperent cloth (dresses) The next step will be for those women found in miniskirt to be Prosecuted in the of law gets 3 months in Prison.Cabinet Consistent says John Nagenda. It is you might say nice to know where you stand whereever that is In category our cabinet does not disappoint Okay? from a public Shame to a private sorrow judged you mad as you alleged in your column of March 24 you had wondered yourself whether you were if that is you wrote your original article about dreaming secondly to ask me what I thought about the First ladys dream about heaven would not have been necessary if you had read my writing on the subject. I observed that when I had endeavored to get that zone on my mobile I found I didn't have the necessary code. But the First lady would never have had the so called cruelty to infer as you did that Amin had only allegedly killed a maximum of 1500 people and in self defence at that since say you are a Christian go down on your kness and pray for forgiveness Mister Kalyegira Last King you bet any sum nobody can write 600 names of those allgedly killed under Amins govt. Many of his opponents already wrote whatever names they decided to forge: No court of Law except Such names in evidence. Timothy Kalyera has right to express his view Under freedom of Expression act. Nagenda Should not threatened him whether has a lawyer. Bravo.

Friday, April 06, 2007


A fortnight ago I challenged the so called senior Presidential Advisor, even though he did deserve it. John Mwesigwa Negenda, to come forth and prove to us that the former Ugandan President Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Allegedly killed, ordered or condoned the the alleged killing of 300,000 or claim of 500,000 Ugandans, I expressed willingness to place any bet with Nagenda or anybody else to produce only 600 specific names- a miscule fraction of the supposed 300,000- of Allagedly Amins victims. Bravo. Nagenda a bais cowards person, tena yeye mulevi ana kunywa pombe mingi zaidi.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Once national reconciliation is achieved (in Iraq) the second track is that occupation forces be replaced by forces of like-minded Muslim Countries Indonesias resident surilo Bambang Yudhoyono told a meeting of Muslim Scholars.

Why is the West touchy about Muslims in power?

I would like to express my view on how certain Western countries and pre Westerners view Islam and translate it directly to mean terrorism. The meaning of Islam is not terrorism but total submission to the will of allah (god). During the last sixteen years when Somalia was torn apart by the militant warlords, nobody cared including United Nations, European Union and African Union. When the Islamists decided that enough was enough and created peace sanity and tranquility in that country the western countries started showing concern about the people os Somalia almost everyone in the world is aware of how the Islamists begun to return hops for peace in the somali people. If you carried out a referendum now and asked the somalis which government could bring peace the majority would vote for the Islamists after all somalia is 100% Muslim. When Zimbwabwe, Congo or Angola suffers political turmoil everyone feels that the internal problems can only be solved by their citizens. When an election is won by the FIS in Algeria or Muslim Brotherhood community gets concerned. What kind of hypocricy is this? I really doubt whether an external force including my Country Uganda can stablise Somalia better than the indigenous people. And occupying force will never however strong it may be able to do so. I feel that the best solution for this case is to engage all stakeholders including the Islamists. The time will tell wrote Hassan Balinda Durban South Africa. Pelosi visit to the middle east marks the darkness of George. W. Bush Administration with International community peace loving nations. George W. Bush Junior should step down Immediately, in order for Image, moral to be renstated around the globe. Bravo. America can make it hapens.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007